I realized when a women reach the age of 30s. We begin to stress on our appearance, career and of coz worry on getting a right partner.

When I reach my age of 30s, I realized my hair get thinner and lots of white hair. There’s a gain in my weight and I find it difficult loss weight as our metabolism rate become lower. Wrinkles start appealing. Afraid been single status as our surroundings friend are mostly in a marriage.

I start to avoid schoolmate and family gathering. For sure they start to ask when I am getting Marry ,why am I still single and lots of question which I do not know how should I respond.

I start to ask myself when guy start to get older they could marry a younger girls from Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai or china.. What about women? Who are we going marry?

I begin to have no confidence with myself and wanted to save up for plastic surgery to boost my confidence level to look younger.

Writing this I am not forcing my bf into marriage. Our relationship will just go with the flow.

However, I never forget my bf word. I will need to stay positive and encourage him regardless of anything. I love him and I m afraid of losing him. He is part of my strength for staying positive,