Isn’t that the moment all women are waiting for in life. I m waiting for my turn to arrive.

It’s has been a long wait for me… Envy those women who manage to settle down with their love one and begin their next journey.

I m stuck with love. The journey of my life face so many difficulties.

Firstly at my age of 14 found out I m a adopted child. Which my real mother sold me away for $10k.

Secondly the real reason y I quit school is because I don’t dare to step into the school. As I always got beaten up In school and everyday a group of gangster waited to beat me up.

3rd been cheated so many time by men and give birth to a child.

4th a broken family

5th been cheated twice in different relationship on money and get myself into financial difficulties.

Who the hell know how difficult situations i m into. I m struggling in the deep sea. Feelings lost