From the day we start our relation till now we had face a lot of problem. Just resolved a problem and here come new problems. Is this a test for this relationship?

 It’s our 3 anniversary on 10 March we meet up simple lunch in Bt timah plaza. I was thankful that at lease We meet up that day. But I m tiring . As All along I have been waiting for you to spend more time with me. Yet u rather spend time on classes, entertaining friend , networking but not me.

You didn’t realize that you has been negating me. Have ever step in my position how I feel. During the three year there so many thing happening in your life. And you always feel upset on thing.

I am getting lessor friend and nobody to talk to also.

You complain that I m not picking calls. You are the one who is not responding to me. Most of the time  I text or calls u don’t even reponse me. Or even when I ask where are you. You never let me know. You meet friend secretly.

nobody know I m ur gf why are u keeping it secretly. Not  There isn’t a photo we took together. It fucking upset to said that.

you don even trust me. I went so far and do so much for u those effort I put in R wasted. I swear i don’t even expect any return.

The word break off come Fr u anytime. Fuck is tis the way to let me feel secure. Touch your heart what have u do for me. 

You said I a selfish, you are much more selfish. 

You mention you can’t take my mood swing. fuck then y Shd I take ur again n again. Sometime I feel been insulted by u but I keep quiet. 

You can take time fly with Fren but or business tripS. Your time spend with Fren is more then meeting me .

All I want is u spend aliitle bit more time for me. Yet u can’t even do it. 

Since the break off  it so easy that come out fr u. Then fuck off and stop playing with my feeling.

But of coz I m a thankful person that remember those help provided.

I do love u a lot. But u let me feel been abunded. those word deeply hurts n upset. I treated U as my energy of survival.