Feeling upset.

I miss u a lot. It’s really tiring to miss someone. Yet I can’t even talk you on phone.  The only time spend with you this week for lunch n conducting interview.

Honestly I m not aware my car Aircon has no air. I shouldn’t even been so kind to offer you the car to drive for a month before scraping it. Should has scrap it straight. Then get scolded by you. I Am already been very sad you don’t spent time with me. Why you still want to spoilt my day just few 2hrs meetup.

Yes, I m aware you face headache with work. You r busy setting new business.

You want a understanding gf. But u never try to understand me or even tell me more stuff about what u has been doing. You always make me feel that there s lot of thing you are hinding not for me to know. Behavior secretively.

I am felt lonely in this relationship.  My heart aid when I miss u yet we r not commu