Protected: When my world crash — July 24, 2015

Protected: When my world crash

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A fault Hope… — May 30, 2015

A fault Hope…

Where excited when bf told me he is going Bangkok with me. Ended he is going with his staff to the exhibition. I look like a fool. It’s nvr my turn. Sad…… Sad sad ….. I m nut…

What cause a Failure Relationships. — May 17, 2015

What cause a Failure Relationships.

Its take 2 hands to clap on everything. Either to start or end a relationships.

To build or maintain a relation it share the same logic as dealing wirh business. You put time to do market research and time to build the flow. Slowly you concern on revenue and you care to bring the businesses to next levels

So same go to a relationship. If you want to have stable relationship. Do show you partner Tender lovely care n concern to your partner. Isn’t that what a relationship surpposely to be.

Sharing ur happiness n sadness together make your partner more understandable  on the situation.

Going a short trip with ur partner for a retreat is relax urself and create bonding between both you and ur partner. And enjoy those site seeing and create those romantic for a unforgettable memory.

sad to said its doesn’t the cAse to me.

I m refering to myself. Am always the one trying very hard to claps. But the loneliness I had my bf will never never understand.

It’s come to some point that I cant even sense he will < marry me. > Because he always wanted me to buy my own flats. Tis thing crossed my mind for many month. 

I always wanted to start a  simple family n have another daughter. I don’t need a nice men. Jus a simple husband  will do, 

At he aged the dream become further. As aged my single status is even higher. Because there no plan for our marriage.  I m not young . Start comparing myself with the 20s girls out there. I m afraid of been single  at ages of 40s

It make think back that you are selfish because you had never put me in the first place. In term on what ever decision you make. For exsMple learning malay. 

I am tiring of arging. Recently I realized you are demanding n canning. And I totally what is ur background. Even ur Fren know more then me.

I m scare to be around u. 

Knowing what’s does a gal want — April 11, 2015

Knowing what’s does a gal want

Feeling upset.

I miss u a lot. It’s really tiring to miss someone. Yet I can’t even talk you on phone.  The only time spend with you this week for lunch n conducting interview.

Honestly I m not aware my car Aircon has no air. I shouldn’t even been so kind to offer you the car to drive for a month before scraping it. Should has scrap it straight. Then get scolded by you. I Am already been very sad you don’t spent time with me. Why you still want to spoilt my day just few 2hrs meetup.

Yes, I m aware you face headache with work. You r busy setting new business.

You want a understanding gf. But u never try to understand me or even tell me more stuff about what u has been doing. You always make me feel that there s lot of thing you are hinding not for me to know. Behavior secretively.

I am felt lonely in this relationship.  My heart aid when I miss u yet we r not commu

Another lonely weekend — April 1, 2015
When problem comes — March 11, 2015

When problem comes

From the day we start our relation till now we had face a lot of problem. Just resolved a problem and here come new problems. Is this a test for this relationship?

 It’s our 3 anniversary on 10 March we meet up simple lunch in Bt timah plaza. I was thankful that at lease We meet up that day. But I m tiring . As All along I have been waiting for you to spend more time with me. Yet u rather spend time on classes, entertaining friend , networking but not me.

You didn’t realize that you has been negating me. Have ever step in my position how I feel. During the three year there so many thing happening in your life. And you always feel upset on thing.

I am getting lessor friend and nobody to talk to also.

You complain that I m not picking calls. You are the one who is not responding to me. Most of the time  I text or calls u don’t even reponse me. Or even when I ask where are you. You never let me know. You meet friend secretly.

nobody know I m ur gf why are u keeping it secretly. Not  There isn’t a photo we took together. It fucking upset to said that.

you don even trust me. I went so far and do so much for u those effort I put in R wasted. I swear i don’t even expect any return.

The word break off come Fr u anytime. Fuck is tis the way to let me feel secure. Touch your heart what have u do for me. 

You said I a selfish, you are much more selfish. 

You mention you can’t take my mood swing. fuck then y Shd I take ur again n again. Sometime I feel been insulted by u but I keep quiet. 

You can take time fly with Fren but or business tripS. Your time spend with Fren is more then meeting me .

All I want is u spend aliitle bit more time for me. Yet u can’t even do it. 

Since the break off  it so easy that come out fr u. Then fuck off and stop playing with my feeling.

But of coz I m a thankful person that remember those help provided.

I do love u a lot. But u let me feel been abunded. those word deeply hurts n upset. I treated U as my energy of survival. 

What a women waiting for in life. — January 23, 2015

What a women waiting for in life.


Isn’t that the moment all women are waiting for in life. I m waiting for my turn to arrive.

It’s has been a long wait for me… Envy those women who manage to settle down with their love one and begin their next journey.

I m stuck with love. The journey of my life face so many difficulties.

Firstly at my age of 14 found out I m a adopted child. Which my real mother sold me away for $10k.

Secondly the real reason y I quit school is because I don’t dare to step into the school. As I always got beaten up In school and everyday a group of gangster waited to beat me up.

3rd been cheated so many time by men and give birth to a child.

4th a broken family

5th been cheated twice in different relationship on money and get myself into financial difficulties.

Who the hell know how difficult situations i m into. I m struggling in the deep sea. Feelings lost

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